St Michael’s Lutheran Church

Arts & Culture

Look up to the magnificently dominated Tarrington skyline and spot the steeples of St Michael’s Lutheran Church in the heart of Tarrington, a gothic-revival-inspired church that was built in 1927. During the day the church is a striking piece of architecture but as night settles and the floodlights illuminate the spire and red bricks, it is absolutely jaw-dropping. 

 St Michael’s current structure is actually the fourth church built with the first being constructed of timber around 1854, the second a bluestone building built 1858 with the third also being bluestone built in 1863 that burnt down in 1944.  

The church sits in front of the Tarrington Lutheran School, where at the annual Laternenfest the grounds come alive with performances, competitions, rides, fun activities and stalls.  

With regular service times starting from 9am Sundays, the church welcomes Christians and those who seek to connect to Christianity in the Tarrington area. Everyone is welcome, no matter your age, beliefs, or background.


phone. (03) 5572 3840
7887-7901 Hamilton Hwy, Tarrington