Treat yourself with a day of indulgences in Hamilton.  There is something special around every corner and a superlative day to be had by simply following these three essential treat-yourself steps…

Eat – Shop – Admire



Always best to prepare yourself for a great day (in every sense of the word) with some sustenance.  Not only do these local Hamilton establishments do just that but they will do it in a sensationally sumptuous style.


Cafe Gray

There is nothing grey about Cafe Gray!  A name derived from the street is it located on, the cafe serves up fresh, vibrant and tasty food, especially their desserts; Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches, mountainous muffins, bite-sized beauties, raw sweet treats, spectacular slices, moreish milkshakes and so much more.



Botanical Dining and Bar

A comforting red wine and lavish cheese board enjoyed with a lush view.  The Comfort Inn’s Botanical Dining and Bar offer a relaxed dining environment overlooking Hamilton’s verdant Botanic Gardens.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served seven days a week, along with a cup of smooth yet strong coffee or locally-sourced vino.



Blue Malt

Known for its delectable and generous food fare but famed for their indulgent cocktails and happy hour is the Blue Malt Restaurant.  Located in the heart of Hamilton, this means you can order the drink of your fancy, sit, sip and then walk to your next destination.




Nourished and ready to advance onto your next step of treating yourself, let’s hit the shops!



With absolute grace and style, Presence devotedly delivers luxurious goods to Hamilton; homewares, gifts, imported shoes, jewellery, accessories and highly-sought-after clothing labels.  From JUJU handbags to CURATE by Trelise Cooper clothing to FRANKiE4 Footwear to Misuzi jewellery, hours can and will be happily lost while shopping up a storm in Presence.



Baimbridge Antiques and Jewellery

Stocking a refined selection of antique jewellery, furniture and homewares are Baimbridge Antiques and Jewellery.  Intent on delivering treasures sourced from the gracious country homesteads around Hamilton, the pieces within Baimbridge Antiques tell a tale of the region’s pastoral heritage.  Find yourself a gem at Baimbridge.



Swinging those shopping bags, blissful from the thrill of the shop, take to the streets and admire the local art that lines the laneways, gardens and walls of Hamilton.


Architectural forms, geometric shapes, structured patterns and vivacious colours distinctly identify the works of Jasmine Mansbridge.  Spread across the great expanse of the side of Hamilton Flooring Xtra (49 Thompson Street) is a one-of-a-kind Jasmine Mansbridge mural.  Squaring its way around windows, popping with pinks and exhibiting art excellence, this masterpiece is yours to appreciate.



Working in conjunction with artist Roger Edwards, Jasmine Mansbridge took brush to paint and co-created the mural in the Community Pocket Garden.  Located in Corriedale Lane, the garden houses not only this magnificent mural (featuring Jasmine’s striking shapes and Roger’s yellow-faced honeyeater bird) but also two more works of art; sculptures by Dean Bowen and a Teepee installation from Trevor Flynn.



Not only withstanding environmental factors but embracing them as part of the art, Phil Price’s wind-activated kinetic sculpture takes pride of place in the centre of Hamilton’s CBD, at the intersection of Gray and Brown streets.  You cannot miss its bright red hue that will first captivate you and then entrance you with its gentle movements.



Gastronomical delights, deluxe shops and inspirational art – eating, shopping and admiring your way around Hamilton is most definitely a day well spent and a treat to yourself.

To learn more about Hamilton and the surrounding Greater Hamilton region, speak to a local on 1800 807 056.