To see a volcano blow its top and a red river of molten lava cascade down its side is to feel the awesome power of the natural world. An unusual experience awaits you at Penshurst.

At the Volcanoes Discovery Centre, be transported back thousands of years when volcanoes were erupting right across the Western District and into South Australia.  You will find how volcanoes are formed, their geology, their history in the Western District, a video simulation of Mount Rouse erupting, the interaction of Koori people with volcanoes and a section aimed at school children.

The highlight is a six-minute extravaganza combining high fidelity sound, computer modelling and stunning imagery. It is a fitting culmination to a memorable experience.


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Our doors remain closed due to COVID-19, however we can still assist you via email, phone and website. Please contact us if your planning a visit to discuss in more detail.