The Wannon Falls were created by lava flows that surged upstream to the Wannon River. The water, which cascades over a 30-metre vertical precipice into a deep plunge pool below, is actually flowing over hardened basalt lava. Further downstream, rapids wind their way around
large blocks of basalt, dislodged over time down the embankments of the narrow valley.

The Wannon and Nigretta Falls occur within 10km of each other at the edge of the late Cainozoic Western Districts Volcanic Province. However,
they are developed in quite different styles on rocks of different age and character.

Best seen after rainfall, although equally breathtaking when dry. 

A cantilevered viewing platform offers spectacular views, with easy access from the car-park. Ideal for day-trippers with BBQ’s, picnic tables and toilets. Camping is permitted at the Wannon Campground.



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