Happiness blooms at the Byaduk Spring Flower Show.  For over a century now, Byaduk has been home to the much-loved, enthusiastically celebrated and readily embraced Spring Flower Show.  This proud and pretty tradition commenced in 1906 and has grown and developed over the many years into not only a cornucopia of floral displays but also a hive of activities, arts and competitions.

For one spectacular Spring day, the Byaduk Hall is transformed into a sea of colour, a hub of people and hum of excitement.  The show exhibits an impressive number of sections (151 at last count) but it is highly dedicated to four distinct segments/


‘There’s a lot of shows around but this one focuses on flowers, photographs, art and cooking.’ – Jo Moore, Committee Member.



Byaduk is an area synonymous with rich, fertile volcanic soil.  The mineral-rich earth nourishes and sustains a plethora of plant life, including flowers.  The Byaduk Spring Flower Show honours and admires the growth and beauty of flowers through various competitions and shows, including best exhibitor for floral art, junior floral art, champion rose, fruit and foliage, scarecrow displays, garden gates and so much more.

The other components of the event; photography, art and cooking are supported and showcased with various displays and competitions.  The picturesque region is perfectly captured with the landscape photography competition.  And the arts are further incorporated with competitions/displays in needlecraft  (embroidery, tapestry, cross stitch) and textiles (garments, patchwork, quilting, machine embroidery).  The famed champion chocolate cake competition and infamous afternoon tea most certainly highlight the calibre of culinary greats of the region.

And while the competitions and displays of the Byaduk Spring Flower Show form a large portion of the event, the marketplace that spreads and weaves itself around the town hall creates a prime opportunity for visitors to take in the plethora of produce and goods from the local area.

The Byaduk Spring Flower Show is not only a chance for locals to proudly display their flowers, craft, photos, cookery, stalls and catering, but it is also an opportunity for visitors to embrace all that this wonderful region has to offer.