Located along the Rocklands Road on the eastern side of town is the Glenelg River Wetlands and River Walk also known as the Balmoral Red Gum Walk. A short walk from the town centre, head out Rocklands Road and take the dirt track just before the 80km sign or park at the end of Glendinning Street and walk down the hill to the river.

A park bench amongst the red gums marks the site of Balmoral’s old river crossing ‘ford’ which was used in the mid-19th century to allow people to cross the 350km long Glenelg River. The ford was used since the 1830s in the earliest times of Victorian pioneer exploration and continued to be used by the people of Balmoral and surrounding areas until the 1940s when the current bridge was built. Follow the track along the Glenelg River through the red gums and enjoy the tranquillity of the wetlands – a stunning oasis of thriving bird life including spoonbills, black swans, herons, ducks, and swamp hens.

Interpretive signage along the walk offer information about the old ford and town history as well as Indigenous history.

Enjoy the swathes of colourful waterlilies with the sound of water flowing over the old ford. If you’re lucky you may be rewarded with a platypus sighting! 


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Acess to the Old Ford off Rocklands Road, Balmoral  
Access to the Wetlands at the end of Glendinning Street, Balmoral