Mount Napier State Park & Byaduk Caves

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Approximately 20km south of Hamilton lies Mount Napier, the youngest volcano in Victoria and the highest volcanic point in the Western District Plains.

Surrounded by Mount Napier State Park, Mount Napier, Australia’s youngest volcano, has many eruption and lava flow features that are remnants from the last stages of volcanic activity believed to have occurred less than 10,000 years ago. A variety of features has been preserved for viewing, with some lava flows reaching as far as the sea between Port fairy and Portland. Mount Napier is best attempted with a 4WD.

The Byaduk Caves in Mount Napier State Park are a very extensive and accessible set of lava caves. Being so young they are largely unweathered and still maintain their natural state.

The caves were formed when lava flowing from the volcanic crater was quickly cooled by outside air, forming a crust with hot liquid lava flowing beneath. When lava flow ceased, a hollow tube was left behind. The largest caves are 18 metres wide, 10 metres high and extend 20 metres below the surface. Walking tracks follow cave edges and have a number of viewing points to observe flora, fauna and lava features.


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