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Drop a pin or use a hashtag for these ten Instagram-worthy settings and scenes of spectacular Dunkeld.  This is #Dunkeld and it is #awesome.

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A steep climb to a sharp peak, Mount Abrupt is set to challenge your resolve but conquer your Instagram.  Climbing to the top will afford you (and your Insta feed) extraordinary views of the Serra Range, Dunkeld and far beyond.



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A fine dining experience and a foodie post await you at Wickens, The Royal Mail Hotel.  Their five or eight-course menus will have you in an Instagram frenzy, as will their world-class wine list showcasing bottles from their impressive 28,000 bottle wine cellar.



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Amazing horsemanship with an incredible backdrop; The annual Dunkeld Polo sees teams battle it out over two days for the prestigious Dunkeld Cup, all with the stunning Grampians perfectly placed behind all the action.



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A sanctuary of walking tracks, giant red gums, lakes and even a labyrinth.  The picturesque Dunkeld Arboretum allows you to take in the beauty, peace and imagery of nature at its finest.



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Getting to the top of Mount Sturgeon may require rock hopping, water crossings and a steep climb but standing atop the summit, taking in the panoramic views of the surrounding ranges and volcanic plains are absolutely worth it, so is the Insta picture you will snap as proof of your climbing accomplishment.



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There is so much to Insta when it comes to the Dunkeld Old Bakery.  From the artisan bread to the decadent cakes to the flaky sausage rolls.  Everything about the bakery, including the historic cottage it is housed within, exudes comfort and charm.



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Much like the Melbourne Cup, The Dunkeld Races offer a fast-paced racing schedule, fashions aplenty and celebrations galore.  But these races have a distinct point of difference, the breathtaking Mount Abrupt overlooking the course, giving the track a stunningly unforgettable backdrop and your Insta feed an exceptional pic!



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Y’all need to get yourself to the Sturgeon Stampede (Dunkeld Rodeo) and lasso yourself a mighty great time and an Insta pic to boot!  Held annually at the Dunkeld Racecourse, there is all the action of a rodeo plus gourmet food, live music and cold bevvies.



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Peaks and Trails is a supreme and strenuous endurance race that tests participants fitness levels through varying course lengths in and around Mount Sturgeon, Mount Picaninny and Mount Abrupt.  All distances include access to private trails normally inaccessible to the public, so make sure you have your phone handy and ready to snap some exclusive pictures for Insta.




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An easier ascent to spectacular panoramic views is the Mount Piccaninny climb.  Graded toward the easy to medium level, this walk is suitable for most ages and abilities and all Instagrammers.  Spectacular pictures of wildflower displays and sprawling views await.