It’s all about the food, food glorious food!  Greater Hamilton indubitably dishes up a treasure trove of foodie must-stop havens, so what better way to explore this great and flavoursome region than with a 48-foodie tour.  Make some room in that belly of yours because here comes the food…




Tosca Browns

You know what they say… a good breakfast is a good start to the day.  Well, get the greatest start to the day at Tosca Browns.  Their ever-changing breakfast menu adapts beautifully to the seasons.  Rice, chia, quinoa porridge with buckwheat crumble and poached pear for the depths of winter, an oh-so-fresh coconut chia pudding to cool you on a hot summer’s morning, classic eggs benedict or decadent brioche French toast to enjoy all year round.  Whatever the weather, whatever the craving, Tosca Browns will have a dish of delight for you.  Pair it with a much-needed buzz of their barista-made coffee and you have yourself the breakfast of champions!




Groke Hamilton

Onwards we go to treat both the eyes and the tastebuds at Hamilton’s newcomer Groke, a hip burger joint serving up fresh flavours perfectly paired alongside pop art murals and a décor to love. Bite down on one of their juicy burgers packed tall and full of the good stuff or nibble on something smaller like the flavoursome mac & cheese croquettes. Don’t forget to pair your meal with a stylishly served beverage of choice with their drinks menu ranging from non-alcoholic Capi Mixers to cocktails that if they could talk would say – take my picture, I look good!


Groke Resize



The Roxburgh

Let the family-run Roxburgh flip you their signature dish for dinner; a traditional Italian style pizza topped with fresh and flavoursome fixings and wood-fired to perfection.  The Roxburgh has rightfully established themselves as pizza perfectors.  Their pizza menu is laden with an appetising array of crispy crusted pizzas, some more conventional (capricciosa, margherita, puttanesca), some more modern (pear prosciutto, potato rosemary, moroccan lamb) and some that are downright decadent (Lindt Choc Marshmallow).  Couple the pizza with a local vino and enjoy a deliziosa dinner at The Roxburgh.



Late-night supper

Penny Wine Lounge

Raise a glass and reflect on a fabulous day feasting at the Penny Bar; Penshurst’s stylish and cosy wine bar.  This European-inspired, supper-style club proffers an intimate and quiet setting that not only serves up an extensive assortment of fine wines but also a superfluity of rustic-inspired comfort foods, including indulgent desserts.  Contentment undoubtedly ensues as you relax into the night at the Penny Wine Lounge.





The Catching Pen

And off we go into another day of delicious devouring.  You will love being corralled at the Catching Pen; Coleraine’s much-loved, homestyle local cafe.  Their breakfast menu has all the traditional trimmings of a great breakfast; crisp bacon, runny eggs and fresh bread.  Order a coffee to accompany it or take it away and sip it in the sunshine of Coleraine.




The Bunyip Hotel

James Campbell, former head chef of the illustrious Sydney restaurant, Modiva, now heads up the dining experience at The Bunyip Hotel as owner/executive chef.  He artfully mixes his culinary experience, hometown knowledge and love of all things local to bring you a flawless dining experience, along with his talented team.  The menu is inspired by good country cooking and it is so very good!  Changing it up regularly, such menu offerings that have graced the tables have included chicken with pippies and haricot beans, suckling pig, fresh fish pies, bangers and mash, and so much more.  They are traditional meals with a very tasty twist!



Arvo snack

Pierrepoint Wine

Relax and while away the afternoon at Pierrepoint Wine.  Located at the foothills of Mount Pierrepoint, this family-owned and operated vineyard emphatically knows how to put on a delicious spread.  Their grazing platters (accompanied with a wine of course), make for a perfect picnicking arvo.  Dukkah, olive oil, Turkish bread, Meredith Dairy feta, olives, quince paste, aged cheddar, smoked salmon, prosciutto, rhubarb relish, you get the picture right?  Lay it all out on Pierrepoint’s lush lawns, outdoor or indoor tables and graze away as you watch the sun dance off the vines.  Beautiful!




Parker Street Project

Finish off your foodie food tour with a cool and casual dining experience at the Parker Street Project.  Located in the former and famed Royal Mail Dining Room and courtyard, the Parker Street Project perfectly utilises its gargantuan kitchen garden, serving up seasonally fresh dishes of delight.  They also present the popular ‘Feed Me’ menu that sees you rendering the reigns of food choice to a greater power. Rest assured though, they go to very capable hands; the chef.  This dining experience sees the chef choosing six delectable dishes for you to nosh your way through.



And that wraps up 48-hours of journeying your way around the foodie haven that is Greater Hamilton; eating, biting, sampling, nibbling, savouring, drinking, devouring but most importantly enjoying!  Please note dining at the above fine establishments is subject to their opening times.  Please be sure to check their opening hours at the above relevant links to avoid disappointment.


To learn more about the Greater Hamilton region, speak to a local on 1800 807 056.