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Elm trees grace the verandah-clad main street of the majestic town of Penshurst. It is not hard to take yourself back to the grand old days of the squatter in this town where quality building material is everywhere and many of the early settlers became as rich as the volcanic soils of the area.

Like many areas of the Southern Grampians, the early settlers left their mark in style, a style that can be very easily appreciated today. Such is the quality of the bluestone at Penshurst that the State Parliament and treasury buildings in Spring St, Melbourne were made from rock quarried in the area. You too can appreciate the marvels of the volcanic past of Penshurst by walking up Mount Rouse, yielding one of the best views in the region.

Romantics will be naturally drawn to the top of Mount Rouse at sunset and sunrise and with good reason as the first and last rays of the day will show you why Eugene Von Guerard was inspired to paint the Grampians from the top of Mount Rouse. Penshurst is also the home of painter, mosaic and stained glass artist, Napier Waller, who went on to create the wondrous Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

For a more revealing experience of Mount Rouse, why not take the crater walk which will introduce you to the many features of this distinct land form. Wallabies will hop around you while other wildlife such as lizards and birds can be seen. A new walk has been created across the face of Mt Rouse and you can enjoy a barbecue among beautiful native trees.

A more detailed understanding of the volcanic eruptions and lava flows (Mount Rouse has the longest in Victoria) can be found at the town’s Volcanoes Discovery Centre. The Centre is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 4pm.

While in town, take a stroll through the small wetlands that is near the caravan park, fed by a natural, ever lasting spring. The park itself is a great place to have a picnic and has barbecue facilities. It also contains a caravan park which has six powered sites and is conveniently located next to the bowling club, tennis courts and swimming pool.


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