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Balmoral is an historical, pastoral and recreational centre with a welcoming country community waiting to show you the many local delights.

For those with an interest in the Australian bush, history, water sports, fishing, four-wheel driving, golf, history, engineering or horseriding there is plenty for you in this district.

Rocklands Reservoir, a part of the Wimmera Mallee irrigation system, is a major local attraction. This popular fishing area, to the east of Balmoral, is surrounded by state forests and there are a number of camping areas situated amidst open box woodland near the foreshore of the reservoir. The nearby Black Range State Park boasts masses of wildflowers, Aboriginal rock art, colourful bluffs and fine views.

The pastoral heritage of the Balmoral district is tightly entwined in the finest of wool and richest grass fed beef production. Of late timber production through blue gum plantations has also drawn attention to the area.

In a fascinating diversification, rosemary is now growing amongst the beautiful rolling hills, southeast of Balmoral. Glenelg River Rosemary is Australia’s largest producer of premium quality rosemary products for domestic and international customers. Views of the many thousands of rosemary plants unfold from the roadside as you travel between Balmoral and Cavendish.

The youngest industry to the area is also one of the most intriguing, that of mineral sand extraction.

The rich and deep deposits of ancient alluvial sands are being mined in the area, with toothpaste, golf clubs and space travel the unlikely recipients of this brand new industry.

In the growing town, a strong arts collective has developed and its work can be enjoyed during the Bi-annual Chameleon Arts Festival, the Easter Saturday Market or during the famous Balmoral Show.

The show has retained all the feel and atmosphere of what local shows used to be, something increasingly rare in rural Australia these days, with the locals kicking up their heels in a vibrant display of colours and tastes, not to mention a healthy dose of fun.

On the other side of town recent environmental works have regenerated the Glenelg River wetland. It is a stunning oasis with thriving birdlife and your patience may be rewarded with a rare platypus sighting. If not, the sound of water flowing over the fiord will undoubtedly sooth your soul. Dozens of swamp hens, herons, ducks and wading birds are guaranteed to greet you as will the hundreds of water lillies at the wetland.

History is an important part of the Balmoral story and can be appreciated through a trip to the courthouse and gaol.


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