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The Economic Development and Tourism Unit at Southern Grampians Shire Council provides a range of advice and assistance to events and conference organisers.

To assist with the development and growth of your event, we can provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Venue site inspections
  • Accommodation referral service
  • Assisting with bids for conferences/events
  • Promotional material, maps, visitor guides etc
  • Pre and post touring options and social program itinerary ideas
  • Promotion on our website, via social media, and events calendar booklet.

> Download SGSC Events Notification Form - DOCX


Greater Grants help build our region by giving groups and individuals’ money and in-kind support to undertake projects, grow events, maintain community assets and build community spirit.

To discuss your options please contact Council’s Events Development and Marketing Officer on 03 5573 0239 or email

Events Equipment Hire

Southern Grampians Shire Council offers community event organisers hosting events within the municipal boundaries of the Southern Grampians Shire, the opportunity to hire equipment to assist with hosting professional events. the Shire marquee. The Marquee package includes a 6x9m marquee, 4 market umbrellas and a fire extinguisher. This equipment is not available for private functions.


Recycling/ Waste Wise Event

You can make your Festival or Event a Waste Wise Event meaning that waste minimisation practices are encouraged. EcoRecycle, Victoria’s Waste Wise Events Program provides tools and advice to Event Organisers on how to create effective recycling and waste management systems at your Event.
Why become a Waste Wise Event?

Recycling at home is a daily habit for most Victorians. But what happens when people eat out, go to a public place or attend a special event? Just as Victoria’s recycle at home, they now are expected to be able to recycle in all places they visit. Research shows the 87% of people support the introduction of recycling at public events. By becoming a waste wise event you can achieve a range of benefits including:

  • More marketing opportunities for your event
  • Meeting patrons expectations by providing positive, clean experience at your event
  • Access to sustainability Victorian bin caps and signage
  • Use the waste wise logo
  • Reducing catering costs at permanent venues by minimizing the ‘hidden’ cost of disposal

> Download Event Bin Trailer Booking Form 1.

> Download Event Bin Trailer Booking Form 2.


People will choose to participate in festivals and events depending on the ease of access, quality and range of activities available to them. The One & All Inclusive Events Program is available to assist you to easily improve access to your event.  The program includes a checklist, free equipment hire and advice from Councils Community Development Officer (Rural Access).   Events which meet the accessible criteria are also eligible to receive the One and All Inclusive Events logo to promote their event.
Events which are accessible to people of all abilities ensure that more members of the community are given the opportunity to attend, participate in and enjoy your event.  Approximately 20% of people in Southern Grampians Shire have a disability. Add to this the aging population in our Shire, people with temporary disabilities (illness or injury), and families with prams, there is a significant proportion of the community to think about when looking at the potential audience for your event.
For additional Information on the One and All Inclusive Events Program please contact Councils Community Development Officer (Rural Access)on 03 5551 8483 or email
> Download forms here:

> All & One Checklist
> All & One Flyer
> All & One Brochure pg 1
> All & One Brochure pg 2

The Tourism and Events team are able to provide advice to you regarding any of the following matters:

  • Traffic management requirements (including road closures)
  • Food handling requirements
  • Liquor licenses
  • Risk Management
  • Provision of Use of Council/Crown Land for events

For further information, please contact Customer Service on 03 5573 0256 or email